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The PHR Pricing Advantage - Why Price per Graft is Outdated & Unfair

If you have done any research into hair transplantation, you probably realize that almost all hair restoration practices charge "Per Graft." At Physicians Hair Restoration we feel that this pricing structure is very confusing to the patient and can even feel "dirty" if the patient does not feel they are being dealt with fairly. Below are some of the biggest issues with Price Per Graft fee schedules.

How many Grafts Will I Need?

How do you as a patient know how many "Grafts" you will need ? The reality is, you don't. And here's another secret no one else will tell you; no hair restoration surgeon or practice does either ! The problem is that the industry has priced this way for so long it's just the standard. Practices must set a price prior to the surgery (because you want to know how much it will cost, right? ) so they guess what you will need to achieve your goals.

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Not All Grafts Are Created Equal

Not everyone has the same hair density in the donor area. For example, Patient A could receive 1000 grafts with most of his/her grafts containing only 1 hair, while Patient B could receive the same number of grafts ( 1000 ) but most of his/her grafts has 3 hairs a piece. Clearly patient B is going to get a much better result from the same 1000 grafts. However, both patients are being charged the exact same amount of money on a "Price per Graft" fee structure.

What If Graft Counts Change the Day of Surgery?

What happens if the doctor ends up with fewer grafts than you've paid for? Do you get a refund ? What happens if he ends up with more grafts than you've paid for? Are you charged extra ?

Here's where all the confusion comes into play for you the patient. If the surgeon comes up with fewer grafts than you've paid for, he could go back to the donor site and collect more hair. The easier thing to do, and it is done in some hair clinics, is to simply dissect the existing strip into smaller grafts thus making the total number of grafts go up so they can substantiate the fee.

If you don't understand all of this, it's OK. We don't either. It's confusing to the patient and it breeds a lack of trust between the patient and the practice. That's why we don't do it.

The Physicians Hair Restoration Pricing Advantage

At Physicians Hair Restoration we have a very simple way of alleviating all this confusion. We are here to provide a service, and ultimately, a solution to your problem of thinning hair. Therefore we charge based on the size of the problem. We have 4 price categories; Small Medium, Large, and Touch Up. Here's how it works. We simply divide the head into 3 areas and have a flat pricing structure depending on your needs.

The Front, Top, and Back of each person's hear is about 1/3 in size. If your hair loss is isolated to just the Front, or just the Back, we consider that a Small case. If your hair loss expands into 2 areas, for example the Front and Top, or the Back and Top, we consider this a Medium case. If you are losing you hair in all 3 areas, we consider this a Large case. Finally, for those who are just starting to lose their hair, either as a receding hair loss, or thinning spot in the crown, we offer a treatment session referred to as a Touch Up.

In each case we will place as many grafts (or as much hair) into the area of need as possible. We will make your hair as thick as we possibly can and cover each area with as much hair as possible. We think this is the simplest and most honest approach to hair restoration. It is clearly in the patients' best interest and it alleviates any concerns you, the patient, may have.

No more wondering " Am I getting what I am paying for?" Pricing per graft is an outdated method and you shouldn't have to subject yourself to the uncertainty. The Physicians Hair Restoration method is easy to understand, delivers the most natural result possible, and you get the most hair for your money. Period.