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What Makes us Different

The majority of popular hair restoration procedures are performed by hair physicians who are not trained in Plastic Surgery. Dr Pratt's surgical training and background place him in a class all his own amongst hair restoration surgeons. His unique combination of technical skills, artistry and an eye for recreating the natural patterns of hair growth enables him to provide the best possible result with the fullest and most natural looking head of hair for each individual patient. Among the many factors unique to each patient, Dr. Pratt takes into consideration hair directionality, the fineness of hair in the frontal hairline, the natural micro-variations in the hairline, and most importantly he uses his clinical judgment to create an age-appropriate hairline that will look great for a lifetime.

Having developed innovative techniques such as saline super-tumescence (which temporarily expands the scalp to be able to more tightly pack hair together), Dr. Pratt is able to provide results that are far superior to other hair restoration procedures. His fellowship training in Plastic Surgery and has given him a vital edge in the detail oriented art of hair restoration.

Most patient's worst nightmare is to come away looking like they have had hair restoration. Dr. Pratt understands that patients want a full head of hair that is natural and undetectable. He is closely involved in all aspects of your care, from the planning of your procedure to the final result. Because Dr Pratt's procedure is a precise surgery, he deals with every patient personally and individually to provide the highest quality of results, often remedying the mistakes made by others. Patients can be assured of getting the utmost in design, detail and density directly from an experienced surgical professional along with personal follow ups throughout their recovery period.

With one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings in Charlotte, Dr. Pratt has focused on the individual, successful results of each patient. Dr. Pratt performs all aspects of your procedure; there are no other physicians involved. Dr. Pratt performs only one hair restoration case a day, and so his utmost attention is devoted to his patients receiving the optimal clinical result.

Accredited Surgical Facility
Dr. Pratt performs his hair restoration procedures at The Refine Institute in Charlotte, NC. Unlike most hair restoration clinics, PHR at The Refine Institute is an accredited surgical center with AAAHC ( Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care ). This means our facility meets all the safety standards as hospital out-patient surgery centers and gives our patients peace of mind in knowing their surgical team is highly trained in all aspects of surgical care. Patients are made very comfortable and are able to read, listen to music, or watch television; but more often than not they just fall asleep.