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Why Physicians Hair Restoration?

The age of the doll hairs or "hair plugs" has ended. Since the mid 1990's, the gold standard for the industry has been the use of "follicular units" of FU's. They provide the most natural, undetectable results of any other type of hair restoration method. Still, the surgeon's skill and the team's experience and technical ability are essential in obtaining the most natural results you can.

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What Are FU's ( Follicular Units)

Our scalp hairs normally grow in groups, or "units". These units of hair growth are called "Follicular Units". Follicular Units may contain one, two, three or four hairs each. Rarely they may contain five hairs or more.

Once the follicular units are removed from the donor site, they are then implanted into the balding areas of the scalp. We know - from research conducted and presented at the major medical congresses in hair restoration - that hairs grow better when they are maintained within their own units. Unfortunately, quite a few practices break up follicular units in order to create hair implants of different sizes. We do not agree with that approach for the reason stated above.

The PHR Advanced Follicular Unit Technique

The vast amount of information obtained from studies shows clearly that the best, most natural and most productive way of transplanting hairs is to maintain the follicular units intact during the dissection phase of the transplant and to place them adequately in order to obtain a result that looks like a natural hairline and not one transplanted.

Progressive Technology

Having an optimal storage media for the follicular units to rest while being transplanted is a key factor on hair survival and the final outcome of the procedure. Traditionally, hair transplant surgeons have relied on chilled Saline Solution as their preservation solution.

HypoThermosol, in constrast, is used by PHR rather than Saline and has been shown to increase the preservation of follicular units by more than 10X that of Saline.

We are proud to say that, due to a dedication to technology and training, we have achieved a level of expertise and experience that is unparalleled. Our attention to detail and care for the hair and the patient are unmatched. Results speak for themselves. We are experts in treating every stage of hair loss, from minimal to very advanced, because we focus on education and managing expectations.

That's why we call it the PHR Advanced Technique. We take regular follicular unit transplantation to a whole different level.